Multi - Million Pound Mortgage Fraud Trial Begins


Kangs Solicitors begin a 6-month trial today at Teesside Crown Court.

Kangs Solicitors represent one of 8 defendants charged with conspiracy to defraud arising out of their involvement in two principal property company businesses. This prosecution is said to be the largest ever mortgage fraud case with losses said to be many hundreds of millions of punds.

Kangs Solicitors have instructed Mr Charles Bott QC and Mr Matthew Lawson both of Carmelite Chambers to represent the client.

Civil Fraud, Commercial Disputes
A pre-action admission in a civil dispute arises where one party admits the whole or any part of another party’s case before commencement of proceedings. However, it frequently occurs that the party making the admission subsequently seeks to resile from it. Once proceedings have been commenced, a party benefiting from a pre-action admission may seek […]
Civil Fraud, Commercial Disputes
Unfair prejudice arises when the interests of one or more minority shareholders in a company suffer prejudice by the actions of directors or majority shareholders of the company. The Companies Act 2006 (‘the Act’) provides a course of action at section 994 as follows: A member of a company may apply to the court by […]
Civil Fraud, Financial Investigations
National Hunter is an agency operated by Experian Decision Analytics, which is part of Experian, the multi-national credit reporting company, and is dedicated to preventing credit fraud through its anti-fraud data sharing system. It represents a substantial number of financial institution members, including finance companies, mortgage lenders, and banks. Data is stored containing information from […]

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