Kangs Serious Sexual Offences Team has successfully defended a client who has recently been tried at Southwark Crown Court in respect of a number of very serious sexual offences allegations.

Amandeep Murria of Kangs Solicitors explains the events.

The Situation | Kangs Serious Sexual Offences Defence Solicitors

Defence Preparation | Kangs Sexual Assault Trial Solicitors

By way of preparing our client for trial, the case preparation involved:

  • attending our client and discussing in detail the allegations which related to a period several years ago
  • examining in detail the Prosecution allegations and the material produced which they stated supported the accusations
  • raising numerous requests for the disclosure of material believed to be available but which had not been produced
  • in depth analysis of interview videos held by the police
  • the selection and instruction of experienced counsel for the Trial

Unanimous Acquittal | Kangs Rape Trial Solicitors  

Following a fully contested trial, involving very careful examination of our client and all witnesses, the jury unanimously acquitted our client after less than one hour of deliberation.

Naturally, after the years of stress arising from being on bail facing such allegations, our client was overjoyed with the result of the trial.

How Can We Assist? | Kangs Historical Sexual Abuse Defence Solicitors

Kangs Solicitors team of Specialist Solicitors has a wealth of experience in representing clients who face extremely serious offences of a sexual nature and who are able to advise and all stages of any prosecution.

Who Can I Contact? | Kangs Criminal Defence Team

Arrangements can be made to meet at any of our offices in Birmingham, London and Manchester.

Please feel free to contact our team through any of the following who will be happy to speak to you and guide you:

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