Kangs Solicitors has successfully represented a client who was facing prosecution for breaches of Food Safety and Hygiene Regulations.

Sukhdip Randhawa of Kangs Solicitors explains the events leading to the successful outcome.

The Environmental Health Investigation | Kangs Regulatory Defence Team

  • During an inspection of our client’s food premises in August 2018 cockroaches were discovered alongside other serious cleanliness issues at a time when the shop premises were open and selling food to the public.
  • An Emergency Closure Notice was served upon our client due to the state of the premises as it was considered there was an imminent risk of harm to the public.

How We Assisted Our Client | Kangs Environmental Health & Hygiene Solicitors

In preparation for our client’s interview with Environmental Health officers we:

  • attended our client taking detailed instructions and advising him upon his position, the relevant law and the manner in which he should proceed
  • liaised with Environmental Health Officers, obtained disclosure of all relevant material which we examined and discussed with our client
  • prepared our client for his interview under caution.

The Successful Outcome | Kangs Health & Safety Solicitors

During the course of our client’s interview Kangs Solicitors put forward powerful mitigation, in support of various admissions which he made, including the facts that:

  1. he was no longer the owner of the business
  2. he was a relative novice in the industry and
  3. that this was his first attempt at running a takeaway business.
  • Detailed representations were made by Kangs Solicitors that our client should not be prosecuted but that it would be sufficient for him to be given a simple caution.
  • In due course, our client was notified that our representations had been successful and the matter was resolved by way of a simple caution.

Naturally, our client was delighted that we had been able to resolve the issue without him facing the prospect of a Court Hearing and the very real prospect of substantial fines being imposed.

How Can We Help You? | Kangs National Regulatory Defence Solicitors

It is important for any business or individual facing any situation which may have criminal implications to seek expert legal advice at the earliest possible stage to ensure that the welfare of those concerned can be protected as far as possible in the prevailing circumstances.

If you have similar issues and would appreciate some early expert and robust advice please do not hesitate to contact our team through one of the following who will be happy to guide you:

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