The Court of Appeal recently dismissed an appeal against sentence by Mohammed Khalique Zaman (‘Mr. Zaman’) following his conviction for manslaughter.

The Events Leading To Conviction | Kangs Food Safety Regulations Solicitors

On the 30th January 2014, Mr. Paul Wilson sadly died at his home in North Yorkshire.

The cause of death was discovered to be the result of his eating food that had been prepared by Mr. Zaman’s restaurant and collected for consumption at home.

Mr. Wilson suffered from an allergy to peanuts and he had been advised by the waiter at the restaurant that the food which he wished to order contained no nuts.  Unfortunately, the sauce contained substantial amounts of peanut resulting in Mr. Wilson suffering a fatal anaphylactic shock.

The Court Hearings | Kangs Food Hygiene Solicitors

In May 2016, Mr. Zaman was found guilty of manslaughter and various charges in relation to contravening food safety regulations.

The Trial Judge sentenced him to six years imprisonment for manslaughter and sentences of up to nine months concurrent for the food safety offences.

An appeal against sentence brought by Mr. Zaman was dismissed with the Court of Appeal stating:

In our view, the Appellant’s negligence in this case was not just gross; his behavior, driven by money, was appalling. Given the very serious aggravating factors, even though the Appellant was a man of good character, we are wholly unpersuaded that a sentence of six years after a trial was manifestly excessive or, indeed, excessive at all.”

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The above case shows how seriously the Courts are treating offences of gross negligence manslaughter and breaches of Food Safety and Hygiene.

Kangs Solicitors have a proven track record for defending cases of this nature.

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