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On 13 October 2020 we published an article on this site warning against potential fraudulent use of the Government’s ‘Bounce Back Loan Scheme.’

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Bounce Back Loan Fraud | Kangs Fraud Offences Defence Solicitors

On the 27 October 2020 the National Crime Agency confirmed that it had effected its first arrest of an individual suspected of committing such a fraud.

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The Circumstances Of The Arrest | Kangs Bounce Back Loan Fraud Solicitors

The National Crime Agency released the following information on the 27 October 2020:

‘A 52 year old man from Hertfordshire was arrested this morning in connection with potential offences against the Bounce Back Loan scheme and other frauds.

He was arrested at his home address in Hoddesdon and a search of his premises and a lockup recovered £17,000 in cash and a number of high value watches.

NCA Branch Commander Simon Gower commented: “This arrest is the first by the NCA in relation to potential fraud against the Government’s Bounce Back Loan scheme. The man arrested is suspected of falsely applying for the loan and allegedly using the money on personal items.”

Any fraudulent applications against the scheme may be criminally prosecuted for which penalties include imprisonment or a fine or both.

The investigation is on-going.’

The arrest clearly shows that the authorities are actively investigating fraudulent claims being made against Government schemes brought in to assist individuals and companies during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

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Kangs Solicitors fields a nationally recognised financial crime defence team.  We have over twenty years’ experience representing clients across the country accused of committing high value multi-million-pound fraud offences.

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