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KANGS has recently successfully assisted a client in overturning a Bank’s decision to close his Business and Personal Bank accounts.

Tim Thompson of KANGS briefly outlines how we achieved this successful result.

Our award-winning Team is nationally recognised for its work in Civil and Criminal Financial Investigations conducted by all institutions including Banks and Regulators.

Our Team, comprising both criminal and civil specialist lawyers, is led by Hamraj Kang, a nationally recognised leader in the field of financial crime investigations.

We are here to assist you with these issues and our team of expert solicitors can be contacted for confidential and discrete advice as follows:

The Circumstances | KANGS Financial Fraud Solicitors

Our client applied for a personal mortgage to a Bank which, having declined the Application, subsequently filed a report with ‘CIFAS’ alleging that our client had provided ‘material falsehoods’ in the form of fraudulent documentation.

CIFAS is a fraud prevention service which aims to deter and prevent fraud in society. It operates two core fraud prevention databases being the National Fraud Database and the Internal Fraud Database. Its services are used by, inter alia, Banks and Building Societies.

As the result of this activity, our client’s Bank, which held his Business and Personal Accounts, gave him Notice of Intent to close his Accounts giving sixty days grace in which to make alternative arrangements.

In the meantime, access to the Accounts was withdrawn.

Shortly thereafter, our client was notified that his Accounts had been closed leaving him struggling to find new banking facilities.

How We Assisted Our Client | KANGS Banking Disputes Resolution Solicitors

Having attended our client obtaining detailed instructions the contents of the contentious Mortgage Application which he had submitted and which gave rise to his Bank’s conduct, the Team at KANGS:

  • advised our client upon the appropriate course to adopt including the submission of various ‘Data Subject Access Requests’ including one to CIFAS,
  • considered and advised our client upon the information disclosed by such requests,
  • discussed with our client the nature of the evidence required to rebut the assertions contained with the CIFAS report.

Our investigations revealed that the filing of the Report with CIFAS was totally unjustified and, accordingly, we collated all relevant rebuttal evidence and prepared and submitted detailed Written Representations, supported by the evidence, to the Bank.

The Successful Outcome | KANGS Civil Dispute Solicitors

The filing of the erroneous Report with CIFAS resulted in serious financial difficulty and stress for our client.

Fortunately, within days of the Bank having received and considered the detailed written Representations prepared by the Team at KANGS, it reinstated all of our client’s Bank Accounts.

Needless to say, our client was overjoyed with this achievement.

Who Can I Contact For Help? | KANGS Financial Investigations Solicitors

The Team at KANGS is accustomed to supporting clients seeking advice when facing allegations of financial misconduct.

Our Team regularly advises clients on issues with Banks, Financial Institutions, and others, created by incorrect data stripped from Data Bases maintained by numerous Institutions.

We welcome enquiries by:

Telephone: 0333 370 4333

Email: info@kangssolicitors.co.uk.

We provide an initial no obligation consultation from our offices in London, Birmingham and Manchester. Alternatively, we provide initial consultations by telephone or video conferencing.

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