Colin Parker of Kangs Solicitors provides details of a recent civil case involving the National Crime Agency freezing the assets of our client.

Our client faces an investigation by the National Crime Agency which has obtained a Property Freezing Order (‘PFO’) against all land and property assets.

The result of the PFO is such that the client is unable to sell or otherwise deal with the property in question.

The client has no free money with which to pay legal costs and expenses meaning that, effectively, access to proper and detailed legal advice and support is being denied.

Variation of PFO Sought | Kangs Solicitors

An application to the Administrative Court of Queen’s Bench Division for an ‘Exclusion Order’ pursuant to s252 of Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 as amended by s.98 and para 15 of Schedule 6 to the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005 has been issued by Kangs Solicitors.

Effect of Variation | Payment of Costs | Kangs Solicitors

Upon the granting of the variation requested, the equity belonging to the client in identifiable property will be reserved for payment of the client’s properly and justifiably incurred legal expenses.

How We Can Help | Payment of your Legal Costs | Kangs Solicitors

 It is becoming an ever increasing feature of investigations that the National Crime Agency seeks, and invariably obtains, a PFO thereby preventing access by a client to their own funds.

This can have the effect of intimidating the person being investigated into believing that they cannot have access to the legal guidance which they really need.

Access to Justice | Kangs Solicitors

At Kangs Solicitors we are experienced in applying to set aside PFOs as well as submitting applications to vary a PFO as is necessary to enable the client to have proper access to justice.

If we can be of assistance then please do not hesitate to contact Hamraj Kang or Colin Parker at Kangs Solicitors.