A national of a country within the European Economic Area (EEA), or of Switzerland, has an automatic right to live, work and study in the UK.

Whilst there is no legal requirement for an EEA national to obtain a Registration Certificate, possession of one assists as it:

  • evidences legal status in the UK as a resident,
  • supports any application for EEA nationals and family members who wish to live in the UK,
  • assists re-entry into the UK following foreign travel,
  • evidences the right to work in the UK,
  • supports certain benefits and services applications.

Who Can Make An Application For Registration Certificate?

An applicant must:

  • be a citizen of an EU member state
  • be a family member or extended family member of an EEA national
  • have retained right of residence (or submit the necessary supportive application)

What Are The Requirements?

The applicant must be:

  • working,
  • actively seeking employment,
  • studying or
  • able to financially support themselves and their family members, where applicable.

How Can We Help?

Kangs Immigration Team is able to assist in all aspects of asylum and immigration at all stages from application preparation to representation at Tribunal and any subsequent Appeal Hearings.

At Kangs Solicitors, our experienced team of immigration solicitors advises and assists clients with immigration status issues in the UK, on a daily basis.

We have a proven track record of successfully advising and guiding clients through the immigration application and appeals process.

Who Can I Contact For Help? | Kangs Immigration Solicitors

Please feel free to contact our Immigration Team through either of the following who will be happy to speak to you and guide you:

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