John Veale of Kangs Solicitors writes on the effects of a Serious Crime Prevention Order.

An Order that can be issued upon sentencing or at any time during which a defendant is serving sentence is the Serious Crime Prevention Order.

Whilst it has been available to the Prosecution for a number of years, and is well known to us, it can still come as a surprise to someone convicted of a criminal offence.

What is the Purpose of a Serious Crime Prevention Order | Crime Solicitors

The idea behind the Serious Crime Prevention Order is that it places various restrictions on a defendant once released from serving sentence and which are intended to prevent further serious offending by that person.

Typically, these restrictions can remain in force for up to five years after release from prison and can affect many aspects of life.

For example, only being allowed the use of one mobile phone, one sim card, one phone number, one computer and one landline.

Additionally, restrictions can be applied to such varied situations such as the use of  e-mail and e-fax accounts, personal and business bank accounts, money transfers and the conduct of business interests.

You can be required to notify the authorities of any address at which you reside or run a business from and any changes of address.

Failure to Comply with a Serious Crime Prevention Order – What Happens?

As a Serious Crime Prevention Order is a Court Order, the sanction for non-compliance is a prison sentence of up to five years.

You may want to contest some of the terms of the Order and an application for a legal aid Representation Order may well be appropriate if private funds are not available.

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