Kangs Solicitors recently successfully defended a school teacher alleged to have committed a common assault against a thirteen year old pupil.

Sukhdip Randhawa, who represented our client, reports upon the circumstances.

Case Preparation | Kangs Criminal Defence Team

Following his suspension from school, due to the police investigation, our client instructed this firm and we supported him by:

  • taking detailed instructions.
  • arranging and attending with him at a police station for a voluntary interview.
  • examining CCTV footage that allegedly showed our client pushing the thirteen year old into the school corridor.
  • advising our client upon his position and attending with him when he entered a not guilty plea at court.
  • conducting a site visit at the school.
  • liaising with the intermediary appointed by the Court in relation to cross examination of the thirteen year old.

The Trial | Solicitors Defending Teachers Accused Of Criminal Offences

After our client had given evidence, the District Judge acquitted him of the charge that he faced.

Our client was extremely relieved as any conviction would have prematurely ended his career in the teaching profession.

How Can Kangs Solicitors Help? | Kangs National General Crime Team

At Kangs Solicitors we have a wealth of experience in defending clients against all types of criminal charges throughout the Country.

It is vital that you seek the assistance of a Solicitor at the earliest opportunity and ensure that you are properly guided and advised throughout the criminal proceedings as this may well affect the outcome of any potential prosecution.

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