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Further to his article which appeared on this website on July 30th 2019 Tim Thompson of Kangs Solicitors reports upon a further Unexplained Wealth Order(‘UWO’) obtained by the National Crime Agency (‘NCA’).

The Background | Kangs NCA Defence Solicitors

The NCA discovered that a Northern Irish woman had suspected links to serious organise crimethrough paramilitary activity and cigarette smuggling.

The NCA alleges that six properties have been acquired through illicit activity and have secured Interim Freezing Orders to prevent their disposal whilst the investigation continues.

NCA Comment | Kangs Unexplained Wealth Order Solicitors

Andy Lewis, Head of Asset Denial at the NCA, said:

“This is the fourth case in which we have obtained a UWO. Our investigations are complex and involve careful consideration before we make an application before the court”.

“We do not investigate illicit finance based on monetary value alone. This latest order shows that we will act against those who we believe are causing the most harm to our communities”.

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Civil Fraud, Financial Investigations, Unexplained Wealth Orders
Following a slow uptake, UK investigators and enforcement authorities are warming to the deployment of an Unexplained Wealth Order (“an UWO”) in the pursuit of the recovery of assets from anyone suspected of having benefited from their involvement in crime. Owners of substantial property portfolios, seemingly with particular regard to London, are in the firing […]
Unexplained Wealth Orders
The National Crime Agency (NCA) has recently obtained three further Unexplained Wealth Orders (UWOs) at the High Court. For further information on UWOs please refer to previous articles posted to this website on: The Circumstances | Kangs Financial Crime Investigation Team Official Comment | Kangs Serious Fraud Advisory Team Andy Lewis, Head of Asset Denial […]

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