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Statutory Demands

We have significant experience in both presenting and defending statutory demands, for clients.

As we act for clients in both preparing and serving statutory demands and assisting those who have been served with one, we are well placed to advise clients on the merits of either serving a statutory demand or preparing a robust defence to one that has been received.   

Whatever your situation, we are here to assist both individuals and companies, so please contact one of our team of lawyers for an initial consultation.

What is a Statutory Demand?

A statutory demand is a formal demand, set out in a prescribed form, for the repayment of an undisputed debt.

It can only be used in circumstances where the debt is undisputed and is usually presented against debtors who have failed to provide a genuine reason as to why the liability cannot be paid. 

What are the types of Statutory Demands?

There are two types of statutory demand:

  • Individual Statutory Demand

Usually served where the debt is £5,000 or more to enable the subsequent service of a bankruptcy petition

  • Company Statutory Demand

Usually served where the debt is £750 or more to enable the subsequent service of a winding up petition.

Why serve a Statutory Demand? 

A statutory demand is a powerful tool as, failure to comply with its requirements (by neither paying the debt nor applying to have the statutory demand set aside), allows the creditor serving it to petition for the bankruptcy of an individual (if the debt is £5,000 or more) or the winding up of a company (if the debt is £750 or more).


  • Serious consequences – the recipient of a statutory demand should take it very seriously.
  • Speed – there are strict time limits for the debtor to respond to a statutory demand failing which the creditor can apply for a bankruptcy petition or winding-up petition.
  • Amount – VAT and interest to date can be included in a statutory demand. Future interest cannot be included.
  • Cost effective – there are no court fees to pay when proceeding by way of a statutory demand.
  • Proof of service – a Process Server is usually instructed to personally serve the statutory demand on the debtor and provide a witness statement confirming such service. This avoids any dispute regarding the receipt of documents by the debtor.

How can a Statutory Demand be set aside?

If the debt is genuinely disputed, the debtor can apply to set aside the statutory demand.

The creditor can either agree to set aside the statutory demand or oppose such an application.

If the creditor opposes the application and loses, there is likely to be a costs order against the creditor.

Conversely, if a debtor seeks to set aside the statutory demand and loses, costs will usually be awarded against the debtor, thereby increasing the debt owed to the creditor.

As a result, due to the likely adverse costs consequences of failure for either scenario, careful consideration and expert legal advice should be sought before:

  • the creditor initially applies for a statutory demand,
  • the debtor applies to set aside a statutory demand, or
  • the creditor opposes the debtor’s application to set aside a statutory demand.

Who Can I Contact For Help? | Kangs Insolvency Solicitors

Our expert team of lawyers can guide you in relation to all matters relating to statutory demands and we welcome new enquiries by telephone or email.

We are happy to provide an initial no obligation consultation at our offices in London, Birmingham or Manchester or via video conferencing facilities to explore the issues in your case and to provide an assessment of how we can assist you.


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