Dean Phillips of Kangs Solicitors represented a client sentenced in respect of VAT and Excise fraud in relation to the importation of £5 million worth of high end watches.

As our client had admitted the offence from the outset, Kangs Solicitors sought to ensure that he was placed in the most favourable position possible when it came to his sentencing, by negotiating with the Prosecution and Financial Investigator.

As a result of  our negotiations, our client received a sentence of 3 years in relation to a single count of failing to declare VAT under s.72 VAT Act 1994.

This charge replaced the  more serious charges of ‘money laundering’ and ‘cheating the revenue’ which would have attracted a starting point of 8 years in custody.

In addition, after detailed negotiations, the Prosecution were persuaded to accept a pragmatic solution with the client signing over £300,000 in value of luxury watches rather than pursuing him by way of Confiscation Order Proceedings seeking recovery of the £5 million benefit amount that had been calculated.

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