Kangs Solicitors client appeared before Warwick Crown Court charged with ten counts of fraudulent evasion of Income Tax by submitting incorrect self- assessment tax returns for the tax years 2008-2016.

The Circumstances | Kangs Tax Fraud team

In addition to submitting incorrect self-assessment returns, our client also failed to declare income received for a short period from his company.

Submission of the fraudulent tax returns also resulted in our client receiving repayments from HMRC of a sum which would normally result in the court passing an immediate custodial sentence.

The evidence against our client was overwhelming, he co-operated with the authorities from the outset and entered a plea of guilty.

How Were We Able To Help? | Defending VAT & Income Tax Cases  

By way of preparation of our client’s mitigation to the court explaining his conduct we were heavily involved in:

  • Discussing in detail the events and taking our client’s full and thorough instructions.
  • Obtaining supportive reference letters/statements from our client’s friends, associates and employers for the consideration of the Court.
  • Choosing and instructing a forensic accountant to provide an informative report to assist in the preparation of our client’s case.
  • Obtaining medical evidence which assisted understanding of our client’s problems
  • Identifying suitable Counsel to present our client’s mitigation to the court and instructing him in detail.

The Sentencing Hearing | Defending HMRC Tax Cases

As the result of the thorough preparation outlined above, our client received a sixteen months prison sentence which was suspended for two years, despite the anticipation that an immediate custodial sentence was a real threat.

The court also imposed on our client requirements for unpaid work, supervision and for a short period of time, a curfew.

Naturally, our client was delighted to walk from the court with his liberty intact.

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