Directors of a company have an absolute obligation to look after the interests of the creditors of that company. 

The directors of a company which had been trading since 1995 but fell into insolvency in 2016 found themselves the subject of Director Disqualification Proceedings as the result of the manner in which they had handled funds received by the company.

Tim Thompson of Kangs Solicitors briefly discusses the circumstances.

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The Circumstances | Kangs Insolvency Solicitors

  • Although the insolvent position in which the company found itself in 2016 was not specifically the result of any misconduct on the part of the directors, they allowed it to continue to trade, in breach of advice which had been given and statutory requirements.
  • Funds received during this period of insolvency were improperly utilised for trading and discharging debts which did not fall for preferential payment upon liquidation to the detriment of other creditors of the company.
  • In view of this improper trading and conduct on the part of the directors, Director Disqualification Proceedings were initiated against all three of them which resulted in a combined period of disqualification of seventeen and a half years.

Official Comment | Kangs Insolvency Offences Defence Solicitors

David Brooks, Chief Investigator at the Insolvency Service, said:

‘When the company became insolvent, the directors were specifically instructed not to do anything that was detrimental to creditors. However, they decided to completely disregard that advice, putting their creditors at risk.

These disqualifications should serve to further underline that such behaviour is unacceptable and we will seek disqualifications against those directors that do not uphold their duties.’

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