EU Citizens who plan to live, work, or study in the UK are able to apply under the EEA Regulations 2016 or the EU Settlement Scheme in order to protect their rights throughout the transition period until 30th June 2021.

If the UK leaves the EU without a deal, the deadline for applications will be 31st December 2020.

When deciding which option to exercise, the following require consideration.

Pre settled Status:

  • Only one application has to be submitted in the next five years.
  • Processing time is only two weeks for straightforward pre settled status applications.
  • The application is made online, requires documents to be uploaded and is free.
  • A physical card confirming status will be issued.  

Residence Card:

  • Application may be made either online or by way of paper format.
  • The Application Form must enclose all supporting evidence and be sent via Recorded or Special Delivery Post to the Home Office.
  • Direct family members will receive a physical letter confirming Certificate of Application and the right to work within two weeks.
  • Processing takes up to two months for straightforward cases.
  • The application fee is £65.00 per person.
  • The applicant must hold a Biometric residence permit.
  • Further application to replace the Residence Card, which will expire on 31st December 2020, will be necessary.

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The rules and regulations are detailed and complex and it is essential that expert guidance is sought to ensure that accurate applications are submitted which are suitable for proper consideration by the Home Office.

Kangs Solicitors maintains an established team which assists clients with all aspects of asylum and immigration issues at all stages from Application preparation to Tribunal representation and any subsequent Appeal Hearings.

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Please feel free to contact our Immigration Team through the following who will be happy to speak to you and guide you:

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