Leeds Crown Court has recently sentenced Terry Soloman Dugbo to a term of imprisonment amounting to nine years four months, additional to the sentence imposed of seven years six months for the commission of the actual crime, for failing to discharge his debt arising under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 (‘POCA’).

Helen Holder of Kangs Solicitors reports upon the situation.

The Circumstances | Kangs POCA Advisory Solicitors

In 2016 Mr Dugbo was convicted by a jury of a number of offences including:

  • conspiracy to defraud,
  • acting as a company director whilst disqualified and
  • breaching an Environmental Permitting Condition. The Environment Agency had discovered that paperwork had been falsified  to support varied fictitious claims alleging, for example, collections  from streets and properties that did not exist.
  • the total value of the fraud amounted to a sum in excess of two million pounds.

In February 2019, as the result of POCA proceedings, Mr Dugbo was ordered to pay back more than one million three hundred thousand pounds which he acquired through this fraud plus further substantial funds arising from previous criminal activity.

When the case was returned to Leeds Crown Court for enforcement Mr  Dugbo had only repaid forty six thousand pounds of his whole debt.

The Court ruled that there was no realistic prospect of Mr Dugbo paying the outstanding amount and, accordingly, imposed the further sentence thereby creating a total term of sixteen years’ imprisonment.  

Official Comment | Kangs Waste Control Offences Defence Solicitors

The Environment Agency reported after the case:

‘Dugbo’s defiance has led to an extended jail sentence which he will be forced to serve until all the money is paid. This a clear signal that waste crime does not pay.

We take a hard line against anyone that intentionally sets out to profit from defrauding recycling systems. In recent times, we have increased resources in our waste enforcement team and are working with partners to establish a Joint Waste Crime Unit to forge stronger links between government, police forces and local councils to tackle waste crime.’

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