Extradition is the enforcement process whereby an individual is transferred from one legal jurisdiction to another, thereby enabling that individual to  either face trial for an alleged criminal offence or serve a prison sentence which has already been imposed in the requesting jurisdiction.

Cagin Husnu of Kangs Solicitors comments further on extradition proceedings.

Bars to Extradition | Kangs Extradition Defence Solicitors

It may be possible to oppose the implementation of an Extradition Order by invoking one of the following ‘bars to extradition’:

  • double jeopardy
  • failure by requesting state to present a prima facie case supporting the request
  • ulterior motives on the part of the requesting state for the extradition request
  • an unacceptable passage of time since the alleged offence
  • the age of the individual who is the subject of the request
  • special reasons concerning the particular offence for which extradition proceedings are sought
  • forward extradition where the Defendant has been extradited to the UK and faces subsequent extradition to another country
  • where it may be more appropriate that the individual should be prosecuted in the UK.

In addition to the above, upon an application the Judge would also have to consider a number of Human Rights issues.

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It is essential to instruct an experienced Solicitor at the earliest possible opportunity to guide you through the complexities surrounding extradition proceedings.

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