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Dawn Raids are an increasing feature of corporate life and are most commonly conducted by investigating authorities such as HM Revenue & Customs, the Serious Fraud Office, the Financial Conduct Authority, the Competition & Markets Authority and the National Crime Agency.

The Kangs 24-hour Rapid Response Team consists of ten highly trained and experienced solicitors with a proven track record of advising corporate and individual clients in relation to all aspects of Dawn Raids.

Recognised as one of the leading criminal defence firms in the country, we are ranked in the highest category for our work in representing clients in financial crime investigations by both the leading directories, Chambers & Partners and the Legal 500.

Kangs Solicitors has been awarded Criminal & Fraud Law Firm of the Yearby the Legal 500 and individual solicitors in the firm are top ranked as ‘star individuals’ for criminal and fraud work.

If you are or your business is the subject of a Dawn Raid, our team is here to assist you from our nationwide network of offices.

Our team is led by Hamraj Kang, an award-winning solicitor nationally recognised as a leader in the field of financial crime investigations.

Please call our team for immediate advice and assistance:

What is a Dawn Raid?

Quite often, the first indication for a business that it is under investigation is the arrival of a team of investigators early one morning. This is a Dawn Raid.

The raid on the business premises may be part of a wider coordinated plan resulting in simultaneous Dawn Raids taking place at various other business premises as well as at private residences belonging to company officials and personnel.

What Happens at a Dawn Raid?

The investigators have the powers to:

  • Search, seize and copy documents and other material
  • Interview staff members
  • Arrest individuals
  • Interview individuals under caution.

Search & Seizure Powers

Police officers and investigators have the power to enter and search business and residential premises usually pursuant to a search warrant. A Dawn Raid is conducted to ‘execute’ the search warrant.

The powers extend to:

  • Seizure of material including hard copy documents, computers, electronic data, mobile telephones, hard drives and back up storage units.
  • Forensic experts forming part of the team of investigators downloading and copying electronic material on site, thereby allowing the business to retain the hardware.

How Can We Help?

Seeking early advice and assistance is vitally important in a Dawn Raid. Our Team is experienced in attending Dawn Raids and protecting the rights of corporate and individual clients whilst the investigators conduct their work.

We can assist by:

  • attending at the Dawn Raid to assist the business and its employees. Our team members are experienced in attending numerous locations simultaneously to cover all premises affected by the Dawn Raid
  • remaining present throughout the search process to ensure the investigators do not exceed the power granted by a court warrant
  • ensuring that the unnecessary seizure of material is prevented thereby enabling the business to continue to operate with minimum disruption
  • checking the legality and validity of the search warrant at the outset and advising you accordingly
  • liaising with the investigators on your behalf before, during and after the search
  • where appropriate, asserting legal professional privilege or confidentiality in relation to certain material and preventing its disclosure to the investigators
  • making representations to the investigators to ensure the search and seizure of material is conducted within their appropriate powers and the scope of the search/seizure is lawful
  • attending a closing meeting with the investigators at the conclusion of the Dawn Raid
  • advising in relation to any regulatory breaches that may arise, such as FCA authorisation
  • providing advice on managing ongoing reputational damage issues.

Interview of Staff Members

The investigators have the power to speak to staff members individually and ask certain questions regarding their role and knowledge of certain matters.

We are experienced in attending Dawn Raids and liaising with investigators to ensure that:

  • only the relevant members of staff are interviewed,
  • an appropriate record of any discussion is maintained, and
  • any inappropriate line of questioning is not pursued.

Arrest of Individuals

Police officers and certain investigators have the power to arrest individuals during a Dawn Raid.

The arrests are usually made on arrival and before a search of the premises is commenced.

The arrested individual(s) will usually be transported to a police station by some of the investigators while the majority of the investigating team remain at the premises to conduct the search and seizure of material.

The purpose of the arrest is usually to enable the investigators to conduct an interview under caution with the individual.

Interviews Under Caution

The police and other investigators can conduct an ‘interview under caution’ with an individual either on a voluntary basis or under arrest. The latter scenario is likely to apply following a Dawn Raid.

How Can We Help?

  • We assist and represent individuals in need of urgent advice and support while under arrest following a Dawn Raid and who are being detained in a police station.
  • Alternatively, we provide representation to individuals who have been invited to attend a voluntary interview under caution by the police or any other investigating authority.
  • As we appreciate that Dawn Raids, searches and arrests invariably occur during ‘out of office’ hours, our dedicated Rapid Response Team of lawyers is available 24/7.
  • Our lawyers are very experienced. We will advise you upon the right approach to answering questions in interview or to providing the police or investigators with information.
  • We will seek disclosure of questions and information to be put to you in an interview and anticipate the matters likely to be raised in the interview.
  • We will provide advice and guidance on whether you should answer questions or exercise your ‘right to silence’. Our team has considerable experience in assisting clients in these difficult situations and ensuring that the right decision is taken to safeguard the client’s best interests.
  • We have a reputation for securing the best possible results for our clients. The initial advice provided at the interview under caution stage is key to achieving this result.

Who Can I Contact For Help?

Our expert 24/7 Rapid Response Team is here to assist you on 07989 521 210.

Hamraj Kang, winner of the Legal 500 Individual Criminal & Fraud Solicitor of the Year leads an award-winning team of lawyers nationally recognised for its excellence and expertise in the area of financial crime investigations.

We welcome enquiries by telephone or email.

We provide an initial no obligation consultation from our offices in London, Birmingham and Manchester.

Alternatively, we provide initial consultations by telephone or video conferencing.


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