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With Cryptoassets being stored in wallets and exchanges around the world, the location of such assets  will fall to be considered when pursuing a claim for recovery.

Tim Thompson, a Partner at Kangs Solicitors briefly discusses this topic.

Our award-winning team of civil lawyers and criminal fraud solicitors is nationally recognised for its work in Civil fraud and Criminal financial investigations including cryptocurrency investigations and prosecutions.

Our team is led by Hamraj Kang, a nationally recognised leader in the field of financial crime investigations.

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Jurisdictional Issues | Kangs Cryptocurrency Dispute Solicitors

When considering pursuing an action for recovery and/or applying for interim remedies, it will be necessary to determine:

  • The location of the intended defendant(s)
  • The location of the digital assets, which may be in various locations around the world
  • Whether any digital assets have been converted into cash
  • Whether English Courts have jurisdiction to deal with the proposed claim
  • Whether or not any restrictions affecting service outside of the Jurisdiction apply

Determination of Jurisdiction | Kangs International Cryptocurrency Solicitors

When considering whether to grant permission for service out of the Jurisdiction, the courts will consider whether, or not:

  • The claim has a real prospect of success, rather than a fanciful one (a similar test for applications for Summary Judgement in the civil courts
  • There is a good arguable case; and
  • Upon the evidence,
    • England is the appropriate forum for the trial of the dispute, and
    • the Court ought to favourably exercise its discretion.

Who Can I Contact For Help? | Kangs Cryptoasset Solicitors

The Team at Kangs Solicitors regularly advises and assists clients facing issues concerning Cryptocurrency and is well versed in pursuing Interim Remedies, claims for Recovery and seeking permission from the Court to serve outside of the Jurisdiction.

If we can be of assistance, our Team is available via telephone 0333 370 4333 and by email info@kangssolicitors.co.uk.

We provide initial no obligation discussion at our three offices in London, Birmingham and Manchester.

Alternatively, discussions can be held virtually through live conferencing or telephone.

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