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Kangs Solicitors has successfully represented a client who had been arrested and faced allegations of a sexual nature, conducted whilst in a position of trust.

Helen Holder reports on this successful outcome.

Kangs Solicitors is recognised as one of the leading criminal defence firms in the country and has been providing clients with advice, assistance and representation throughout all stages of criminal prosecution from attendance in police stations through to final resolution, frequently involving Appeal to the Highest Courts.

We are ‘Top-ranked’ by the leading directories, The Legal 500 and Chambers UK and have been awarded Criminal & Fraud Law Firm of the Year by the Legal 500 and the firm’s founding solicitor and Senior Partner,  Hamraj Kang, has won the Legal 500 award for ‘Criminal & Fraud Individual Solicitor of the Year.

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The Circumstances

Following arrest in February 2023, our client was initially represented by another firm of solicitors.

Following detention and Interview, our client was released on Police Bail until May 2023.

Upon being instructed by  our client, the Team at Kangs Solicitors:

  • Immediately made contact with the Police Officer in the case
  • Examined all available evidential material
  • Attended upon our client taking her full instructions, including the circumstances which gave rise to the allegations
  • Advised our client upon her position and upon the appropriate course to adopt
  • Attended, virtually with our client, Kingston Police Station when she was requested, at short notice, to attend regarding access to her social media account

The Satisfactory Outcome

Having maintained contact with the appropriate Police Officer regarding the investigation, we were delighted to subsequently inform our client that no further action was to be taken against her and that the allegations were not going to be pursued further.

Naturally, our client was delighted with this news.

How Can We Assist?

It is extremely important to be pro-active when faced with or defending any form of Police Investigation.

The Team at Kangs Solicitors is recognised nationally for its expertise in assisting clients facing allegations of sexual criminal activity of all types. We will prepare for and attend you at Interview, and, thereafter, if necessary, conduct your defence diligently in the pursuit of the best possible outcome.

We can provide initial support where:

  •  You have been contacted by the Police, or other investigating authority, to attend an Interview on a ‘Voluntary Basis’. We will liaise with the Investigating Officer on your behalf and attend with you at the Interview
  • You have been arrested and taken to the Police Station in relation to allegations of sexual offences. You are entitled to request legal advice and assistance by you when you arrive at the Police Station or by friends or family  on your behalf
  • You have already been interviewed, we will advise as appropriate, depending on the outcome

Our 24/7 Rapid Response Team is able to attend Police Stations nationwide at short notice and is here to assist you on 07989 521 210.

We welcome enquiries by telephone or email and provide an initial no obligation consultation from our offices in London, Birmingham and Manchester.

Alternatively, we provide initial consultations by telephone or video conferencing. If we can be of assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our Team through any of the following, who will be pleased to hear from you:


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