March 4 , 2019 | Posted by admin@kangs |

    Pleading Guilty Without Advice | Kangs Criminal Defence Solicitors

    The reduced availability of public funding, via legal aid, to assist those charged with a criminal offence to obtain legal representation, is resulting in more people endeavouring to defend themselves. As a result, guilty pleas are frequently being entered without any understanding of the potential consequences. John Veale of Kangs Solicitors comments generally upon the

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    February 28 , 2019 | Posted by admin@kangs |

    Student Finance | Compelling Personal Reasons | Kangs Solicitors

    Kangs Solicitors has been instructed to represent an undergraduate student seeking further funding from Student Finance England under the Compelling Personal Reasons regime. Compelling Personal Reasons | Kangs Student Loan Appeal Solicitors Students whose studies have been adversely affected by circumstances out of their control, to the extent they need additional funding for an extended

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    February 27 , 2019 | Posted by admin@kangs |

    Deportation | Kangs Immigration Solicitors

    Kangs Solicitors have been instructed to defend clients facing deportation from the UK as the result of criminal convictions imposed upon them by the Crown Court. The Circumstances | Kangs Immigration Team Both clients are Polish nationals exercising their EEA treaty rights by living and working in the UK without restriction. They were both recently

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    February 26 , 2019 | Posted by admin@kangs |

    Illegal Waste Carrier Fined | Kangs Regulatory Team

    A van driver from Bedford was recently fined by Nottingham Magistrates’ Court having been stopped in his transit vehicle whilst carrying waste carpet at a time when he did not have the required waste carrier registration. The Circumstances | Kangs Environment Agency Advisory Solicitors The driver was stopped during a multi agency road stop operation.

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