Our client in this matter is a school teacher who acted in self-defence when her husband assaulted her at their home address.

Unfortunately, our client’s actions caused her husband to fall and strike his head causing a bleed on the brain. He was hospitalised for some time.

As the result of an eye-witness account our client was charged with Assault occasioning Grievous Bodily Harm.

Case Preparation | Assault Charge

The case required meticulous preparation including the examination of social media contact between our client and her husband as well as taking witness statements from their children.

Based upon the evidence contained in the witness statements, we were able to submit to the Court a non-defendant bad character application.

The Successful Result

The Prosecution were forced to review their case in the light of the defence evidence that we had successfully managed to obtain.

Accordingly, on the first day of the trial at Basildon Crown Court, the Crown offered ‘No Evidence’ and a Not Guilty verdict was recorded against our client.

A conviction would have been devastating for our client and would have marked the end of her teaching career.

After the passing of a ‘Not Guilty’ verdict by the court, our client commented:

“Cagin Husnu has been absolutely fantastic throughout these proceedings. I am over the moon with the verdict that he has helped secure for me.”

Our Experience | Contact Us

Kangs Solicitors are very experienced in representing clients in professional occupations at both the criminal investigation and proceedings stage at the Magistrates’ Court, Crown Court and Court of Appeal.

We are regularly instructed by doctors, solicitors, accountants, teachers and media personalities facing criminal investigation and prosecution.

If you find yourself the subject of such an investigation, please do not hesitate to contact our Cagin Husnu or Sukhdip Randhawa who will be pleased to assist you.