The trial of Kangs Solicitors client “M” began at Nottingham Crown Court this week.

The trial is expected to last 6 weeks.

VAT and Income Tax Fraud | Tax Solicitors

The case involves allegations of VAT fraud, tax fraud, national insurance and income support fraud and money laundering.

The total loss to HMRC in evaded VAT, income tax, national insurance and benefits claimed is £304,589.18.

How the alleged Tax Fraud worked | VAT Solicitors

The investigation covers four tax years and centred around four companies, Phoenix Venture Ltd, Palladium Dynamics Ltd, CPM BP Ltd and Element Research Ltd.

The companies were allegedly used as vehicles for VAT fraud. HMRC were provided with purchase invoices in support of the companies claim for VAT, these invoices are said to be false.

The individuals running the companies also failed to declare any income, or pay any tax or national insurance in relation to their involvement with these companies.

Kangs Solicitors client is charged with income tax evasion and money laundering.

He is said to have been responsible for transferring the proceeds of the fraud to the Philippines in order to fund a call centre being operated there.

Our client denies the allegations.

How we can help | Kangs Solicitors

At Kangs we appreciate that clients who face criminal proceedings can find the procedures complicated and distressing.

We will ensure that we explain matters carefully and will guide you through each stage in a professional manner, so that you fully understand what is going on and why.

Fergus Harrington and Zahir Ahmed are instructed to represent M as part of Kangs Fraud Team.

Please contact Hamraj Kang should you require any assistance in relation to an allegation of tax fraud or money laundering.

We also offer specialist advice in relation to tax investigations being conducted by HMRC.