A man has received a twelve months prison sentence for illegally dumping one hundred tonnes of waste on to the site of a school in Oldham after cutting through the school gates and dumping the waste on land used as a car park.

It cost the school over twenty thousand pounds to remove the waste.

Official Comment | Kangs Environment Agency Team

Mark Easedale, Area Environment Manager for the Environment Agency said:

“This case demonstrates how seriously the EA takes illegal waste crime. We take robust enforcement action against those who deliberately ignore the law to protect communities and the environment.

Heaton put the welfare of the pupils at risk and disrupted their education. This case is particularly disturbing as the School were made to pay to clear the waste”.

How Can We Help? | Kangs Environment Agency Solicitors

Last year, the Environment Agency closed in excess of eight hundred illegal waste sites and was also granted new powers to combat waste crime.

The Regulator now has the authority to lock up illegal waste sites and block access to prevent waste piling up and posing a risk to the environment.

If you are being investigated by the Environment Agency or any other agency our team has a wealth of knowledge and experience in dealing with regulatory matters of all nature.

Our specialist solicitors are able to provide advice and assistance throughout the entire criminal process, from any initial communication with the Environmental Agency to any potential trial.

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