The Psychoactive Substances Act 2016, (‘the Act’), which came into force in May 2016, is designed to prevent the supply of drugs, colloquially known as `legal highs’ or designer drugs, such as Mamba, for example.

What Are ‘Legal Highs’? | Kangs Legal Highs Defence Solicitors

Legal highs, officially described as psychoactive substances, are drugs that contain chemical ingredients, some of which are illegal while others are not.

Sold in a variety of presentations including powder, capsules, liquids, perforated tabs and pills, they have been responsible for deaths and hospital admissions on a growing number of occasions.

Their varied effects include energising, relaxing and hallucinating and, as the chemicals used have not been tested for safety, users cannot be sure what the effects of any particular drug will be.

The Act | Kangs National Legal High Drug Advisors

The Act provides that the production, distribution, sale and supply of legal highs is now an offence.

However, possession of a psychoactive substance is not an offence, save in places of custody, such as prisons and young offender centres.

Penalties under The Act | Kangs Drugs Offences Defence Solicitors

  • Possession in a custodial institution can result in a sentence of up to 2 years and/or a fine.
  • Possession with intent to supply; supply/offer to supply; production; importation /exportation can result in a sentence of up to 7 years and/or a fine.
  • Drug-driving after using a legal high, is illegal and carries various penalties.

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  • Importation cases
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  • Possession with intent to supply cases
  • Cultivation cases
  • Manufacturing of controlled drugs cases
  • Money laundering associated with drugs offences

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