At Kangs Solicitors our legal team is very experienced in representing professional clients including doctors, teachers, pharmacists, dentists, accountants, company directors, journalists and even fellow members of the legal profession.

How Can We Help Professional Clients? |  Professional Discipline

Various circumstances may arise which require experienced legal assistance such as:

Allegations of Criminal Activity which may lead to:

Voluntary Interview – you may be invited by the police or other authority to attend for a formal interview under caution but in circumstances where you will not be arrested;

Interview following Arrest – at a police station/custody facility under caution;

Charge|Court Hearing – following an interview the police or Crown Prosecution Service authorise you to be charged for an alleged offence and you are required to attend Court;

Transfer of representation – you may already have solicitors acting for you in proceedings but you become dissatisfied with them or  a situation arises where, for example, a conflict of interests occurs and you need alternative representation;


You have already been convicted and sentenced but now wish to appeal the same to  a higher court;


During the course of any investigation, throughout any interview or period of detention you feel that the police have acted in such a fashion leading  you to wish to making  a complaint against them;

Professional Disciplinary Tribunal

You face an investigation into your conduct by your professional body.

Regulatory Offences

Perhaps you simply require some advice as to whether or not an event that has occurred constitutes a regulatory offence and how to remedy the position.

Which Areas Can We Assist You With? |Kangs Criminal Defence Team

We deal on a daily basis with professional people facing situations which they never expected would affect their livelihoods and their families and which may arise, simply by way of example, under one or more of the following categories:

A Sample of Recent Cases | Defending Professional Clients

  • Two Doctors Cleared of Criminal Charges

  • Legal Professional Found Not Guilty

  • Mortgage Fraud Case Victory

  • Pharmacist Cleared of Criminal Charges

  • Immigration Officer Found Not Guilty

  • Defence of Mirror Group Journalists in Criminal Investigation

  • Teacher Not Guilty of Assault

  • Architect Implicated in Criminal Proceedings

  • R v L – a trainee attorney faces criminal proceedings which could have a serious impact upon his professional career.
  • R v R – an accountant alleged to have committed VAT Fraud
  • A v Greater Manchester Police – Greater Manchester Police are being challenged to disclose information on his DBS certificate relating to a number of allegations made against a doctor but in respect of which he was acquitted.

Who Can I Contact For Help?| Kangs Solicitors

If you have any queries in relation to the information above or require advice then please do not hesitate to contact our team using the details below:

Hamraj Kang
07976 258171020 7936 6396 | 0121 449 9888

Steven Micklewright
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