St George City Ltd, one of the six companies which make up the Berkeley Group, and PHD Modular Access Services Ltd have recently received substantial fines at Southwark Crown Court following an incident in September 2015 when an engineer received serious injuries to his legs whilst visiting a construction site.

The Circumstances | Kangs Health and Safety Advisory Team

  • The engineer was in the vicinity of scaffolding tubes, delivered to the site that morning, which had been stacked and left unattended.
  • A bundle of tubing, weighing around one tonne, was disturbed and rolled onto him.
  • The scaffolding had been delivered by PHD Modular Access Services Ltd to St George City Ltd, the principal developer.
  • The Health and Safety Executive brought the case against St George City as it had signed off on the storage requirements and should have been aware of the practical difficulties with delivery and storage due to the confined nature of the site. Management was aware on the day of delivery that the delivered material had not been segregated, but took no action to rectify the situation.

The Charges | Kangs National Health and Safety Team

The Penalties Imposed | Kangs Health and Safety Team

  • PHD Modular Access Services Ltd was fined £50,000 and ordered to pay costs of £7,777.99
  • St George City Limited was fined £130,000 and ordered to pay costs of £7,830.79.

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