Kangs Solicitors successfully represented a client at Lewes Crown Court in long-running confiscation proceedings by ensuring that no finding of ‘hidden assets’ was made against our client. The Prosecution had initially sought over £500,000 in hidden assets from the client and had refused to concede any ground on this point. The prosecution alleged that our client had considerable international connections and assets overseas. After many months of undertaking international enquiries with various financial institutions and foreign property developments companies, we sought to negotiate with the Prosecution and were successful in persuading the Crown to abandon their hidden assets argument. This left the way open for us to agree a Confiscation Order of just over £2,500 which was the balance of funds available in a bank account belonging to the client.

Tim Thompson who had conduct of this case at Kangs said:

This was a long running case and eventually the efforts of the defence team were rewarded as the prosecution agreed not to press for a hidden assets finding against our client. Consequently we managed to settle the confiscation proceedings on an extremely favourable basis for the client. Needless to say the client was delighted with the final result as he managed to avoid what would have been a very lengthy prison sentence in default of payment if a hidden assets order had been made in the sum of £500,000