Amandeep Murria of Kangs Solicitors comments upon a recent case concerning a defendant sentenced at Manchester Crown Court.

The Offence & Sentence| Kangs Criminal Defence Team

The defendant admitted assault occasioning actual bodily harm upon his wife.

By way of sentence the defendant:

  • received an eighteen month jail term, suspended for two years.
  • was ordered to attend a behavioural workshop
  • was ordered to pay £1,000 costs.
  • was warned that he could no longer contact his wife.

Subsequent Procedural Considerations | Kangs Advisory Solicitors

  • At the sentencing hearing , the Court was informed that the defendant had recently secured a contract to play cricket for Leicestershire County Cricket Club (‘the cricket club’).
  • Subsequently, after the sentencing hearing , the cricket club denied they had spoken to the defendant, or his agent, or that a contract had been offered.
  • In view of the above, there is now a call for the defendant’s sentence to be revisited and The issue concerning the alleged contract with the cricket club to be further investigated.

Potential Consequences | Kangs Criminal Advisory Team

  • It is extremely important that, at a sentencing hearing, information advanced before the Court concerning any defendant is totally accurate and at no time should the Court be misled.
  • Should it transpire that the Court was misled about the alleged contract with the cricket club, the Court is entitled to revisit the Sentence by virtue of a procedure known as ‘the Slip Rule’.
  • If ‘the Slip Rule’ is implemented not only could the original sentence be increased but there could also be further repercussions for the defendant, if the Court considers that it has been deliberately misled.

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