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Restaurants and Takeaways are awarded a ‘zero’ for food hygiene

Figures from the Food Standards Agency (correct as of 17th March 2017) reveal that nearly 180 Birmingham restaurants and takeaways have been given a rating of ‘zero’ for food hygiene.

The list does not only include small independent takeaways but includes large high street names such as Holiday Inn, Café Rouge and The Chameleon. Even Birmingham Magistrates’ Court was on the list.

What is the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme? | Kangs Food Safety Solicitors

Each restaurant or takeaway business is given a hygiene rating when inspected by a local authority food safety officer.

The inspection assesses the extent to which the business is complying with the law and will take into account:

  • the manner in which the food is prepared, cooked, re-heated, cooled and stored
  • the cleanliness, layout, lighting, ventilation, fire safety and other facilities of the premises
  • the manner in which the business records are maintained, including the sources from which it purchases raw food supplies in order to make sure the food is safe

Following the inspection, a business is awarded a rating of 0 – 5

  • 0 = Urgent Improvement required
  • 1 = Major Improvement necessary
  • 2 = Improvement necessary
  • 3 = Generally satisfactory
  • 4 = Good
  • 5 = Very Good

In respect of those establishments that do not display their poor score rating at their premises, members of the public are able to check the rating directly on the Food Standards Agency website, if their local authority participates in this scheme.

It would be expected that a low food hygiene score rating will have a detrimental impact on any establishment by harming its reputation with its customers and, ultimately, its profit.

Food Hygiene Enforcement | Kangs Food Hygiene Solicitors

Food safety is quite obviously essential to a society which expects to see serious hygiene breaches result in Prosecution at court.

Consumers must have confidence that the food they buy and eat will be safe and not likely to cause them harm and establishments have a clear legal duty to meet this obligation.

A food establishment owner is required to be fully conversant with all aspects of the relevant law and to strictly comply with it.

Kangs Solicitors has considerable experience in representing food establishments which face prosecution for environmental health and food law offences and, in particular, we are able to advise on:

  • all aspects of Environmental Health and Food Safety Law
  • the content, legal implications and requirements of an Improvement or Prohibition Notice
  • representation at any interviews under Caution conducted by the Local Authority
  • preparation of your defence in Court

How to Contact Us | Kangs Environmental Health Solicitors

We have specialist lawyers with in-depth knowledge of environmental health and food hygiene law who can assist you upon all of the above matters if your local authority is taking action against you.

If you require advice on area of Environmental Health or Food Hygiene Law, then please do not hesitate to contact us through the following:

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