A landowner and a director of a Plant Hire Company have both pleaded guilty to breaching a Waste Exemption Licence.

The Circumstances | Kangs Environment Team

  • A Waste Exemption Licence allows landowners to re-use up to 1,000 tonnes of soil and sub-soil for specific purposes.
  • The landowner was allowing his land to be used as a dumping ground for in excess of 23,000 tonnes of waste.
  • The director of the Plant Hire Company which transported the waste was also prosecuted.

The Relevant Environmental Law | Kangs Environment Agency Defence Solicitors

Regulation 12(1) states:

a person must not, except under and to the extent authorised by an environmental permit…operate a regulated facility or cause or knowingly permit a water discharge activity or groundwater’.

The Hearing | Waste Management Regulations | Kangs Solicitors

  • Both pleaded guilty of breaching Regulations 12(1) and (38(1)(a) of the Environmental Permitting (England and Wales) Regulations 2016.
  • The landowner was fined and ordered to pay costs in excess of £2,490.
  • The haulage company was also fined and ordered to pay costs in excess of £3,000.

An EA spokesman said:

‘This was a sustained abuse of an exemption for financial gain. Importing more than 23 times the maximum amount of waste to this site changed the appearance of the landscape’

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