In a recent article entitled ‘Is It Possible To Regain My Licence Whilst Disqualified?‘, Tim Thompson of Kangs Solicitors explained various aspect of the procedure available.

Suki Randhawa, whose various previous articles are referred to by Tim, has some further comments to add arising from his extensive experience in Magistrates’ Courts representing clients upon such applications.

The Application | Kangs Motoring Law Advisors

There is normally a court fee of approximately £200 for this application to be made.

In order to be successful, there needs to be an outstandingly good reason as to why the ban should be reduced such as:

  • The hindrance in being promoted at work;
  • The possibility of obtaining new employment;
  • The possibility of helping others through either doing charitable work or assisting those family members with health issues and/or;
  • Reaffirming contact with family members/children who live some distance away.

The above are just some but not an exhaustive list of successful arguments that have been used in order to reduce the length of the ban to be served following disqualification.

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Our motoring offences defence team has vast experience in defending motoring matters and will assist you in presenting your application before the Magistrates’ Court.

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