Do you feel that you have or may have a problem with a criminal element that you are scared to address but which may only get worse if you do not seek expert advice?

Do you really feel that you are helping yourself by sticking your head in the sand?

Are you sleeping at night? | Kangs Solicitors | Criminal Lawyers

Would you like the comfort of knowing that you have spoken to a specialist who has ‘seen it all before’ and, almost certainly, will be able to advise and support you?

In many of the articles appearing on our website you will see that we urge you to seek advice the earliest moment after you experience that cold shudder of fear following the realisation that you may have created a problem or have been drawn into a situation which may or may not have a criminal implication.

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Our articles relate to problems experienced by companies, their directors and every day individuals going about their everyday lives when turmoil, often appearing insurmountable, engulfs them.

At Kangs Solicitors we strive to assist each and every client, whatever status, whatever the problem, to achieve the best available result, to be able to move on from the problem and re-engage with a less fraught life.

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Almost on a daily basis we hear:

  • ‘I have been so worried’
  • ‘I did not know who to turn to’
  • ‘I wish that I had come to see you earlier’
  • ‘I thought that it was cut and dried and that I had no defence and that nobody would listen’
  • ‘Are you joking, can I really improve my position by taking that step?’
  • ‘I had a feeling that something was not right but I didn’t know what to do’

Our Experience | Kangs Criminal Law Experts

It is highly unlikely that you are or will be faced with a problem containing a criminal/potential criminal element that someone within the Kangs team has not faced for a client previously.

WE deal with all aspects of criminal law on a daily basis and we know what to do.

YOU have probably never encountered the situation that is worrying you before and the more you worry, the more you convince yourself that you are in trouble.

WE have the ability to assist you and direct you.

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