Kangs Solicitors have successfully defended a client before Birmingham Crown Court who was charged with Assault occasioning Actual Bodily Harm on a fellow student.

Cagin Husnu of Kangs Solicitors, who had conduct of this matter, reports the events.

The Circumstances | Kangs Criminal Defence Team

Our client was accused of assaulting a fellow student who had directed unwanted attention and threats to his female friend.

There was an altercation during which our client was alleged to have punched the fellow student to the face repeatedly and then chased him with a group of friends leading to further violence.

Part of the activity was recorded on CCTV footage.

The Trial | Kangs Crown Court Trial Solicitors

Our client confirmed that he had hit the fellow student  in self-defence, then immediately returned to college and was not involved with the group which committed subsequent assaults.

The jury also heard evidence from a number of witnesses and viewed the CCTV footage.

The Acquittal | Kangs National Criminal Defence Team

The jury returned their verdict of ‘Not Guilty’ in less than forty five minutes of retiring thereby enabling our client to walk freely from Court.

Obviously, a conviction would have had enormous ramifications upon our client’s future affecting his education and employment prospects, but thanks to the thorough preparation given to his defence, the jury acquittal was achieved.

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