Timothy Thompson and Hamraj Kang of Kangs Solicitors have been defending a client in relation to allegations of his involvement in a ‘boiler room’ fraud.

At his trial, at Southwark Crown Court, our client was acquitted of all charges he faced.

The Prosecution Case | Kangs ‘Boiler Room’ Fraud Solicitors

This case concerned two investment companies which, the Prosecution maintained, were incorporated and traded in the sales of Premier Bordeaux fine wine with the sole purpose   of defrauding people who were offered ‘investment opportunities’.

The investors were persuaded to leave their investment funds in the project over a number of years in the expectation that the value of their investment would grow at an attractive level.

Unfortunately, the investors were unaware that instead of the company purchasing fine wine with investment money received, it was simply used by some of the defendants for their own personal benefit.

The Prosecution alleged that no wine had ever been purchased.

The Crown asserted that this was a clever and sophisticated fraud in that, by persuading investors to leave their money tied up for a number of years, the defendants delayed cause for any concern and suspicion and, during that period, they were free to use the funds for their own gain.

Inevitably, after a period of time, investors would wish to know how their investments were progressing and some would wish to cash in their investment.

As part of a scheme to try and overcome this potential call for funds, a new company had been set up and was in its trading infancy when the fraud was discovered by the police.

Our Client’s Defence | Solicitors Defending Financial Crime Cases

Our client was employed by one of the companies as a broker, and his role was simply to sell the wine as instructed.

His case was that he had no knowledge whatsoever that the company which employed him had been established to defraud investors and that, if the wine did not exist, he was totally unaware of that fact and could not have been expected to know otherwise.

In the preparation of our client’s defence, all of the prosecution documents were meticulously examined, many hours were spent discussing all aspects of the case with  our client preparing him for his trial and, importantly, witnesses who were keen to help were were interviewed and their statements prepared.

It was the result of the hard work put in by Kangs defence team as a whole which led to the successful outcome and our client’s acquittal by the jury, much to his obvious delight.

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