Kangs Solicitors have successfully defended a client before Worcester Crown Court charged with Breach of a Non Molestation Order, Criminal Damage and Theft.

Nazaqat Maqsoom of Kangs Solicitors reports on the case.

The Prosecution Case | Kangs Criminal Defence Team

Following an allegation that our client had entered his ex-partner’s property and taken items that did not belong to him, a Non-Molestation Order (‘the Order’) was served upon him via a text message.

It was further alleged that, on the day the Order was served upon him, our client attended the same address and caused damage in breach of the Order.

Witnesses stated they had observed our client and his car at the address on the day of the alleged breach, but he strongly refuted this.

Preparation of Our Client’s Defence | Kangs Criminal Defence Solicitors

By way of preparation of our client’s defence, Kangs criminal trial defence team:

  • attended our client taking detailed instructions on all aspects of the case
  • thoroughly examined the material provided by our client
  • examined in detail the Prosecution material including the Witness Statements which allegedly supported the allegations
  • carefully selected and instructed Counsel appropriate for a case of this nature
  • attended a number of conferences with our client and Counsel.
  • obtained a Statement from a witness which supported our client’s defence
  • prepared and served a detailed Defence Case Statement outlining our client’s position.

The Trial | Successful Result | Kangs Criminal Trial Defence Solicitors

Following a three day trial, the jury returned ‘Not Guilty’ verdicts, after less that forty minutes deliberation, in relation to all three charges that our client faced.

Naturally, our client was overjoyed with the outcome and said:

‘I was very distraught at the outset to have been dragged into these proceedings but I was so pleased that I instructed Kangs Solicitors.

The level of service and attention I received was remarkable.

No stone was left unturned in the preparation of my defence and by the time it came to my trial this really showed and paid huge dividends.

A truly exceptional group of solicitors who really fight for their client.

I was just so pleased to have you on my side.’

How Can We Help? | Kangs Criminal Defence Solicitors

At Kangs Solicitors we handle the most serious of cases on a daily basis and have the knowledge and experience to guide you through all types of criminal proceedings thereby ensuring, not only, that you are kept fully up to date with all developments surrounding your case, but also, that you receive appropriate and constructive support.

If you are being investigated for any criminal matter, we are able to assist throughout the whole procedure from interview through to Trial and, where appropriate, any appeal process.

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