In a previous article we noted that the UK Jurisdiction Taskforce of the Law Society’s LawTech Delivery Panel had ruled that Cryptocurrency ought to be treated as property.

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Subsequently, various cases have deemed Cryptoassets to be property with the consequence that those who have suffered financial losses arising from Cryptoassets can commence recognised and established recovery actions through the courts. 

Tim Thompson, Partner at Kangs Solicitors considers this development further.

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The Current Position | Kangs Financial Fraud Defence Solicitors

English Courts have been proactive when assisting those who have suffered losses pursue recovery proceedings even when action is required outside the Jurisdiction.

It has previously been extremely difficult in pursuing recovery actions through the Courts simply because cryptocurrency had not been recognised as property given that it represents digital information and not a tangible object.

Recently, Sir Geoffrey Vos, the Master of the Rolls stated in his speech on 24 February 2022 that it was his:

 hope that English law will prove to be the law of choice for borderless blockchain technology as its take up grows exponentially in the months and years to come’.

Civil Actions Now Available | Kangs Assets Recovery Solicitors

Given that Cryptocurrency is now regarded as property, in addition to claims for final recovery, parties can now seek, inter alia, Interim Remedies covering:         

Cryptocurrency Tracing | Kangs Crypto Tracing Solicitors

Ordinarily, before an Interim Remedy can be applied for, it is necessary to establish where the property in question is located.

This involves a detailed investigation utilising specialist software to interogate the blockchain and follow an audit trail of the cryptoasset, a procedure with which the Team at Kangs Solicitors is well versed.

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Additionally, we work alongside a vast range of expert investigators instructed in the pursuit of cryptoassets.

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