Thousands of motorists are disqualified from driving in the UK each year for periods ranging from a few days to years depending upon the severity of the offence.

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Obligatory Disqualification | Kangs Motoring Offences Defence Team

Such disqualification will be imposed by courts where the accused is found guilty of:

  • causing death by dangerous or careless driving,
  • dangerous driving,
  • driving whilst unfit through drink or drugs or for refusing to provide a specimen for analysis.

Discretionary Disqualification | Kangs Motoring Offences Experts

Disqualifications of this nature may be imposed for offences such as:

  • careless driving,
  • driving whilst disqualified,
  • driving without insurance,
  • exceeding the speed limit,
  • failing to stop after an accident,
  • failing to report an accident. 

Other Circumstances | Kangs Motoring Law Advisory Team

Totting up procedure

Where twelve points for varying offences have accumulated on a driver’s licence, a six months disqualification is likely to be imposed by a court.. 

New drivers

Since 1995, all new drivers may have their licence revoked upon accumulation of six penalty points within the first two years of passing their driving test.

Vehicles used to facilitate the commission of a criminal offence

The Criminal Courts (Sentencing Act) 2000 provides:   

  • Section 146 – a general power to disqualify a person from driving following a conviction for any offence.  There is no requirement for the vehicle to have been used during the crime. 
  • Section 147 – where a Court is “Satisfied that a motor vehicle was used (by the person convicted or by anybody else)” for the purpose of committing or facilitating the commission of, the offence in question or, concerning assault offences “… satisfied that the assault was committed by driving a motor vehicle”. 

In both of the above instances, the disqualification can be for such a period as the court thinks fit.

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