Kangs Solicitors represented a former senior partner of a legal practice in respect of a claim brought against him by his former partners.

The Circumstances| Kangs Civil Fraud Solicitors

A Freezing Order was obtained against our client based upon allegations of:

  1. dishonest assistance to breaches of trust
  2. knowing receipt of trust property
  3. breach of the terms of the LLP agreement
  4. breach of fiduciary duty to the firm

Main Defence Issue | Kangs Freezing Order Resolution Team

Of concern to our client was the fact that it was sought to include his wife in the proceedings which would have, potentially, resulted in the family being stripped of all assets and being left pennyless.

Based upon admissions in respect of part of the claim, we were able to satisfactorily negotiate the most favourable settlement available, for which our client was extremely appreciative.

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