Kangs Solicitors have been assisting a client who has faced three separate investigations conducted by two different police forces over a number of years concerning allegations of fraud and an historical sex offence.

How We Assisted Our Client | Kangs Police Station Representation Team

Throughout the period in question the Kangs Team:

  • discussed with our client the various allegations raised, all of which he robustly denied
  • engaged with police officers discussing the basis of their allegations and the manner in which they intended to proceed
  • endeavored to obtain the evidential material upon which the allegations were based
  • attended with our client at various police stations advising and guiding him throughout.

The Successful Outcome | Kangs National Criminal Defence Team

Following many months of worry and inconvenience suffered by our client, both police forces withdrew their allegations and confirmed that there was no evidence upon which any form of sustainable prosecution could be undertaken in respect of both sets of enquiries.

Our client was, of course, delighted that our continual and detailed support had resulted in this successful outcome for him and his family.

How Can We Assist You? | Kangs National Criminal Defence Solicitors

It is essential that anyone facing any form of interview for any alleged offence at whatever level should be represented by an expert accustomed to assisting and advising in the face of the inevitable stress and pressure involved.

There are a number of alternative courses of proceeding available including:

  • making ‘no comment’ to all questions asked,
  • answering all/most questions put forward,
  • presenting a discrete ‘Prepared Statement’ upon any material disclosed followed by ‘no comment’ to questions posed
  • presenting a discrete ‘Prepared Statement’ , as above, followed by commenting on the questions raised in circumstances where the client may be vulnerable and needs to provide an explanation to all or part of the allegations.

Choosing the correct path may prove absolutely crucial in the future process of any subsequent criminal prosecution.

At Kangs Solicitors we have an award winning team headed by Hamraj Kang, a leading individual in the Legal 500 Directory for crime and fraud.

We provide experienced advice at police stations and other points of interview throughout the country and do so on a daily basis for allegations of criminal activity at all levels.

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