Kangs Solicitors represented two defendants at court who were charged as follows

ES and MK jointly charged with production of a controlled drug and possessing criminal property

MK alone charged with possession of a firearm and possession of ammunition.

The prosecution case against the defendants was that MK was producing cannabis on a commercial basis and that to protect his interests he possessed a firearm and ammunition. A drugs search was carried out at the home address of both ES and MK under the Misuse of Drugs Act following intelligence received by the police. In the basement of the property the police recovered a ‘commercial set up’ for growing cannabis. Numerous cannabis plants were discovered as well as fans and halogen lights for ‘optimum growth’.

A further search of outer buildings revealed a .22 rifle and a quantity of .22 rounds of bulleted cartridges. From an upstairs bedroom, underneath the mattress of the bed was discovered over £20,000.00 in cash.

Both defendants had already been interviewed once before Kangs Solicitors took over the conduct of the case. MK had admitted possession of cannabis/production for his own use as he suffered from a medical condition. He also admitted possession of the firearms but indicated these were given to him by a deceased uncle and had not been purchased by him.

ES had denied both offences indicating that she worked long hours in a new retail establishment and that the monies at her home address were takings to be banked.

Kangs Solicitors were able to instruct experts in relation to the drugs recovered to suggest the attempt to grow them was amateurish and that the drugs were dying. Medical experts confirmed MK’s health issues whilst an accountant confirmed the possibility of the monies being takings from the retail store.

The case involved taking detailed accounts from both defendants to provide the experts with all the source material required to prepare favourably reports that ultimately contributed to the acquittal of ES on both counts and the acquittal of MK on the contested counts.

Counsel in the case were Michael Davis and Kenneth Grant from 7 Harrington Street Chambers.

The case was conducted by Sukhdip Randhawa of Kangs Solicitors.

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