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In a previous article, posted to this website entitled Ongoing Trial | Kangs Cryptocurrency Offences Defence Solicitors, we outlined the allegations against our client for which he was being tried at Oxford Crown Court.

Tim Thompson of Kangs Solicitors now reports on the negotiated settlement achieved with which our client is absolutely delighted.

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The Highly Favourable Conclusion | Kangs Complex Crime Defence Solicitors

Given the detailed nature of the comprehensive evidence served by the Prosecution, many, many hours were spent with our client discussing the same, the implications and the defence upon which he wished to rely.

Having fully considered all the advice provided by his legal Team, our client appreciated the risks and uncertainties of proceeding before a Jury during a full Trial.

Shortly after the commencement of the Trial, negotiations continued with the Prosecution in order to ascertain whether or not it would consider accepting a satisfactory Basis of Plea which would resolve the Prosecution without the incurrence of further substantial trial costs.   

Extensive negotiations, over two days, were conducted which resulted in the Prosecution agreeing to accept a Basis of Plea which was extremely attractive to our client in order to conclude the matter.    

As the result of robust and appropriate mitigation submitted by Kings Counsel, who had been carefully selected to handle the complexities of this Prosecution, during the Sentencing Hearing, the Court ordered that:    

  • the Prosecution value of the theft being reduced from in excess of £10million to just over £2 million
  • Confiscation Proceedings would be satisfied using the proceeds of Cryptocurrency seized by the Police
  • there would be no default sentence proceedings pursuant to the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002
  • a sentence of four and a half years imprisonment being imposed on our client. Given that our client has been on remand for over two years, he now has only a further six weeks to serve in prison.

Following his sentence, our client commended his legal Team for the extensive work undertaken preparing for Trial. He fully appreciated that had we not prepared his defence as we did, the result obtained would not have been possible.

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