Ex Footballer Avoids Driving Disqualification


Kangs Solicitors recently represented former Port Vale footballer Adam Yates in relation to charges of drink driving.

Sukhdip Randhawa outlines the allegations, further details of which can be found at:


The Prosecution Case

Our client was arrested by Police Officers who, suspecting that he had been drinking, stopped his motor vehicle and conducted a roadside breath test which he failed.

Our client was then arrested and conveyed to the local Police Station where he provided a positive breath sample. 

Our client was subsequently charged and bailed to attend North Staffordshire Magistrates’ Court on 13 June 2019. 

Defence Preparation

Whilst our client admitted his guilt, he disputed the Officers’ allegation concerning the manner of his driving.

The Kangs team examined relevant CCTV footage which clearly supported our client’s version of events which resulted in the withdrawal of the Officer’s allegations concerning our client’s driving conduct. 

The Court Hearing

The matter was set down for a Special Reasons Hearing because:

  1. he had only driven a short distance
  2. had no intent to drive any further
  3. evidence was produced from a family member who had previously agreed to pick him up that evening. 

The Magistrates considered the relevant case law, including Chatters v Burke, and the detailed submissions put forward on behalf of our client as to why special reasons should be found enabling our client to avoid disqualification. 

The Magistrates concluded that there existed sufficient evidence that special reasons enabled them not to disqualify our client from driving.

Our client was dealt with by way of financial penalties and escaped a disqualification. 

Naturally, our client was overjoyed with the outcome and the way that the case was presented.

Delighted Client | Drink Drive Defence Solicitors

Our client was delighted with the result and commented as follows:

‘I felt from the outset that I was in safe hands as Kangs has a very good reputation in the football world so I had no hesitation in instructing them for my case. Hamraj Kang and Mick Carney are well known solicitors who have dealings with a lot of footballers that I know personally and that gave me huge comfort and confidence.

When I told them about the slightly unusual circumstances of my case the team at Kangs set to work to prove that my version of events was correct as opposed to the police version. They believed in me which was important to me. They went to a lot of trouble to piece together the evidence as they knew that a driving ban would have huge consequences for me.

Suki Randhawa of Kangs represented me at both of my court hearings. He was nothing short of brilliant. I credit him with saving my driving licence and for that I will be eternally grateful.

I would recommend Kangs as not only are they excellent solicitors but they are real people who understand your situation and are willing to fight your case every step of the way with real determination. All I can say is a massive thank you to all at Kangs who helped me with my case.  I am hugely relieved so thanks again.’

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