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The work of the General Medical Council (‘the GMC’) is set out by the Medical Act 1983 and covers, inter alia:

  • the maintenance of the UK Medical Register,
  • the professional values, knowledge, skills and behaviours required of all doctors, and
  • the education and training required to deliver high-quality care in order to protect the public and the reputation of the medical profession.

The GMC receives complaints or concerns about many doctors and will investigate those which raise issues about a doctor’s ability to practise safely or which may threaten public confidence in the medical profession.

John Veale of Kangs Solicitors comments upon some aspects of the investigation process.

The team at Kangs Solicitors has vast experience and is highly regarded nationwide for assisting clients facing accusations of professional misconduct of every nature, including those affecting the medical profession.  

The team as well representing medical professionals also represents a variety of other professionals including accountants, barristers, solicitors, company directors, sports professionals, architects, door security staff and care workers.

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When Can The GMC Intervene? | Kangs Professional Discipline Investigations Solicitors

In order to practise medicine in the UK every doctor must be registered with the GMC and hold a licence to practice.

The GMC ensures compliance with the high level of standard required by controlling who is allowed onto the Register which it maintains and taking action when standards are not met.

Disciplinary action will be taken where there: 

  • is evidence of misconduct or poor performance
  • has been a criminal conviction or caution in the UK or anywhere in the world if the offending behaviour would be a criminal offence if committed in the UK
  • has been a determination of unacceptable behaviour by a Regulatory Body either overseas or in the UK
  • exists impairment by reason of physical or mental health
  • is insufficient knowledge of the English language to be able to practice medicine safely in the UK

The Process | Kangs GMC Investigations Solicitors

  • Once a complaint or a notification of a criminal conviction/investigation is received, the GMC will inform the doctor of the complaint and request details of employment
  • The doctor will be given the chance to comment on the complaint and the employer will be asked if there exist any concerns about the doctor’s fitness to practice
  • The initial investigation may result in no further action being taken, a warning being issued or an agreed undertaking to address the accepted problem
  • However, the complaint may be referred to the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (‘the MPTS’) for a full Hearing
  • If the investigation is likely to be prolonged, the matter may be referred to the MPTS for an Interim Orders Tribunal Hearing which can suspend or restrict the doctor’s practice whilst investigations continue. This interim suspension or restriction can only last for a maximum of eighteen months before it must be referred to the High Court for permission to grant an extension

Potential Sanctions | Kangs Medico Professionals Defence Solicitors

A finding by the MPTS against the doctor, may result in:

  • an Agreed Undertaking with the doctor regulating the terms of practice
  • imposition of conditions on the doctor’s registration
  • suspension from the Register for a specified, or indefinite period
  • removal from the Register.

Who Can I Contact for Advice & Help? | Kangs MPTS Defence Solicitors

If you receive notification from the GMC of an investigation, or anticipate that you may do so, it is imperative that you obtain expert assistance immediately.

The Team at Kangs Solicitors will:

  • advise upon obtaining relevant documentary evidence including Witness Statements and Experts’ Reports
  • assist in preparation for any interview of any nature
  • advise in relation to clinical matters, together with assessments of performance and health
  • make submissions to and provide representation before the MPTS for an Interim Orders Hearing or for a Full Hearing

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