In response to a substantial increase in 2017 in the level of crime involving firearms, knives and corrosive substances, the Government intends invoking new primary legislation in order to provide the police with the powers required to tackle such offences in order to protect public safety.

John Veale of Kangs Solicitors comments.

The Proposals | Kangs Criminal Law Advisory Solicitors

It is intended that the bill will create the following new offences:

  • Selling a corrosive product to a person under the age of eighteen. This is intended to cover both on-line and off-line sales. The on-line seller will be required to observe conditions for verifying the age of the buyer and the manner of packaging and delivery.
  • Possessing a corrosive substance in public without good reason.
  • Dispatching corrosive substances and bladed articles sold on-line to a residential address. There will be a defence available to cover items designed for sporting and re-enactment purposes.
  • Preventing delivery companies delivering a bladed article or corrosive substance on behalf of a non-UK based seller to a person under the age of eighteen.

Additionally, it is intended to:

  • update the definition of flick knifes and to make it illegal to possess them and also gravity knifes. The sale of such bladed articles is already illegal.
  • prohibit the use of bump stock on rifles which convert the rifle into a rapid firing weapon.
  • extend the existing law in relation to the possession of weapons or bladed articles in schools to universities, colleges and other further education establishments.
  • amend the current legal test for the offence of making threats with an offensive weapon.

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