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24 Hour Police Station Advice & Dawn Raids

The 24 hour Rapid Response Police Station Team forms part of our General Crime Department which is led by Mr Sukhdip Randhawa. The Team comprises of 10 highly trained and experienced solicitors who have all conducted the full range of police interviews from serious and complex fraud and money laundering cases to murder, arson and theft cases.


If someone you know needs urgent advice and support when under arrest and held at a police station or is to attend a police station or regulator in order to be interviewed under caution, Kangs Solicitors can help. Our lawyers are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and are sensitive to the fact that investigations, searches and arrests can take place at any time of the day. As criminal defence lawyers, we pride ourselves on being involved in cases, whether at the start of an investigation, following arrest or after charge or summons.

All of our lawyers are very experienced in attending interviews and assisting clients in taking the right approach to answering questions or providing the police or investigator with information. We have a reputation for securing the best possible results for our clients and we consider that the good advice during the interview under caution process is key to achieving this result.

If you have been arrested, are on police bail or have been charged, or you believe that you may be at risk of arrest or are under suspicion of a criminal offence, then contact our general criminal team as soon as possible for advice and representation on 07989 521 210. Our aim, where possible, is to persuade the police or investigators that no further action should be taken and the investigation or prosecution be discontinued as soon as possible.

Interviews Under Caution

Police, financial crime investigators and other investigators may interview a suspect ‘under caution’ either voluntarily or under arrest. It is vitally important that a client obtains clear and knowledgeable advice in advance from experienced criminal defence lawyers to prepare for the interview. We can be there to help prepare in advance of any interview and we will attend the interview whilst it is taking place often at a police station or at the investigator’s office.

It is not only the police who can interview under caution. Many other investigators can investigate criminal offences and interview under caution such as the FSA, HMRC and Trading Standards.

Our team of experienced lawyers will aim to seek disclosure of questions and information to be put to a client in an interview and anticipate the matters likely to be raised in the interview. Furthermore, we will advise on whether a client should answer questions or exercise the ‘right to silence’. The team comprises a number of specialist police station accredited lawyers who regularly attend police stations to offer advice and assistance to those facing an interview, whether voluntarily or under caution.

It is a top-notch firm with strength and depth

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Search & Seizure Warrants

We are also alive to the fact that home or office premises can be the target of a search warrant or an early morning ‘dawn raid’. Police officers, investigators and regulators who believe they have reasonable grounds can obtain search and seizure warrants from a Magistrates’ Court. It is common for the warrant to be ‘executed’ early in the morning.

A team of police officers and investigators will attend at residential and/or business premises to look for evidence to seize. Typically hard copy documents and electronic data will be seized. Police officers will attend with forensic technology specialists who will either ‘image’ or seize electronic devices such as mobiles, blackberries, hard-drives and other computer equipment (including back up storage units). The execution of the warrant may also coincide with arrests of individuals who, after or during the search, are likely to be interviewed under caution.

If you contact us in time, we can attend and represent you during any search. We can assess whether information is being lawfully seized or identified as being subject to legal professional privilege. We will do all that we can to reduce the disruption to your home life and business operations.

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