Kangs Solicitors have successfully represented two directors and their company charged with an offence of failing to comply with a Security Notice under section 72 (11) and paragraph 4(2) of Schedule 11 to the Value Added Tax Act 1994.

What is a Security Notice? | Kangs Regulatory Advisory Team

A Security Notice is a request from HMRC requiring a company to pay a sum of money in anticipation of a potential future liability.

If the company continues to make or receive taxable supplies, for VAT, without paying the security money requested, it commits a criminal offence thereby exposing the directors and the company to potential prosecution.

How We Assisted | Kangs Financial Offence Negotiating Team

Having taken detailed instructions from our client and discussed the matter at some length we made strong representations to the Crown Prosecution Service that it was not in the public interest to continue with the prosecution against our clients.

Having reviewed our detailed representations the Crown Prosecution Service discontinued all proceedings.

Naturally, our clients were extremely pleased with the result.

How Can We Help? | Kangs VAT Financial Defence Team

Kangs Solicitors can provide advice if you have been issued with a warning letter regarding a security notice or whether the matter has proceeded further by way of criminal charges.

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Our specialist tax investigation solicitors and fraud lawyers are experienced in advising and defending all forms of civil and criminal HMRC investigations and inquiries.

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