Government crack down on speed awareness courses

The Department for Transport is drawing up legislation with the intent to crack down on the imposition of speed awareness courses amid concerns they do not change drivers’ habits and are a way for police forces to make money.

It is proposed that the legislation will:

  • ban drivers from repeating the training
  • set a cap on fees charged for completing training and
  • insist that any money made is invested in road safety.

A review of the classes has also been commissioned to address concerns they do not change drivers’ habits

The Procedure and the Law | Kangs Motoring Advisory Solicitors

Anyone caught exceeding the speed limit is committing an offence for which prosecution may follow.

The Association of Police Officers has, however, issued guidance to police forces regarding the exercise of a tolerance level.

Enforcement proceedings will not normally be taken where the recorded speed does not exceed the speed limit by more than 10% plus a further 2 miles per hour.

For example in a 40mph zone a prosecution is unlikely where your recorded speed is less than 46mph.

Speed Awareness Course (‘a course’).

Should your recorded speed be in excess of the tolerance threshold explained above, you may be offered the opportunity to attend a course.

One criterion for eligibility for a course is that your recorded speed did not exceed the speed limit by more than 10% plus 9mph.

For example, in a 40mph zone you could be eligible for a course up to a speed of 53mph.

A course normally takes the form of a classroom session lasting half a day and for which you will have to pay between £80 and £120.00.

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