Kangs Solicitors are pleased to announce that for the third year in succession the senior director of our firm, Hamraj Kang, has been awarded the prestigious ‘star individual’ status by the leading directory Chambers UK.

Hamraj Kang is one of only two solicitors nationally to be ranked as a ‘star individual’ for his work in financial crime and fraud work.

The firm as a whole is also ranked as one of only four firms nationally in highest category (Band 1) for  our work in financial crime which covers such areas as tax fraud, money laundering, bribery & corruption, VAT fraud, boiler room fraud, insider dealing, FCA prosecutions and mortgage fraud.

What Do Chambers UK Say About Hamraj Kang? | Fraud Solicitors

Chambers UK conduct extensive research into the legal market each year and below is a selection of quotes from the 2018 Directory:

Hamraj Kang has “developed an unprecedented reputation…for white-collar and financial crime.”

“He offers deep experience in handling MTIC proceedings before HMRC, as well as tax fraud matters more broadly.”

A “leading figure who is unquestionably at the top of his game in every respect.”

Hamraj Kang “is an expert in fraud and serious criminal cases.”

“He is a very experienced and dedicated lawyer who has worked on many of the largest confiscation cases in the country in recent years.”

“He has a natural rapport with clients. He has the ability to provide clients with a clear road map in even the most difficult cases.”

“A great lawyer and a great team leader – you would want him on your side.”

John Veale | Frances Murray | Recognised In Chambers UK

In addition to Hamraj Kang, two further solicitors from Kangs Solicitors have also been recognised as notable lawyers in the field of financial crime/fraud and POCA work.

Below is what Chambers UK say about them:

John Veale

John Veale is recognised for his work on major tax and mortgage fraud cases.

Sources describe him as “unflappable, calm and reassuring,” as well as praising his thoroughness:

Frances Murray

Frances Murray continues to win plaudits for wide-ranging work assisting on fraud cases.

Commentators note that she produces “written work of a very high calibre.”

Advises on POCA proceedings arising from fraud and drug supply cases. Sources describe her as “very detailed, methodical and client-friendly.”

We Are Here To Help You | Criminal & Fraud Defence Solicitors

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We are here to assist individuals and corporations with the full range of criminal and criminal fraud matters.

Our team can be contacted through any of the following:

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John Veale
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Helen Holder
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